Let’s Take the Supersize


Only McDonalds food, for 30 consecutive days, three times a day. Who seeks such a challenge? Morgan Spurlock was willing to do it. Every day we see Morgan eating a huge burger, a double burger, or a triple burger and you see him throw up a happy meal in a parking area any other day. Will he loses his enthusiasm? 

The documentary “Supersize Me” is about a guy called Morgan Spurlock who voluntarily goes on fast food diet. For thirty days he eats every meal on the McDonalds menu preferably the ‘ Supersize’ edition.  This means extra fries, a bigger burger and a 2-liter cup of soda. In the beginning of the documentary Morgan tells us about the US as the country where everything is “big “. The biggest cars, the biggest houses, the biggest companies and of course the biggest people. More than 60% of all US adults are overweight or have obesity. Mississippi is the fattest state with one in four people having obesity. But it not only goes for the US. Worldwide 46 Million people visit McDonalds on a normal day. That’s more than the population of Spain! McDonalds is everywhere in America. In the documantary Morgan Spurlock tells us that there are McDonalds in airports, train stations, shopping centres, gas stations, amusement parks and even hospitals! Yes, a hospital. That’s insane, right?

In the documentary you see that McDonald’s is often associated with children. Just think of the famous Happy Meals, playgrounds and, of course Ronald the McDonalds clown. McDonalds does everything to lure children. Parents who want the kids to have a nice day permit them to go to a McDonalds restaurant.  In the documentary, Morgan feels also influenced by McDonalds and plays happily along with the children in playgrounds. He also shows children some pictures of famous people but they didn’t know them all, except Ronald the clown, they all know them.

Morgan is medically examined by doctors and nutritionists before he starts his experiment. All the results show that Morgan is very healthy. These results are recorded so, that the doctors can see the difference before and after the experiment.

In the documentary Morgan Spurlock meets a big McDonalds fan named Don Dokers. He is wearing his everyday blue t-shirt with “Happy with big mac”. And last but not least, he asked his girlfriend to marry him in of course his favourite McDonalds restaurant. What a romantic guy he is! When Don came to a McDonalds restaurant for the first time, he ate 9 hamburgers that day. 9 Burgers that’s just like more than 5000 calories! He could not get enough, and he ate 265 burgers in the first month. Currently, he eats two burgers every day. There’s even a sign at the McDonalds restaurant with: Congratulations Don Dokers for the record of 1900 hamburgers eaten. You have to be proud of that..not really!

At the end of the experiment, Morgan Spurlock gained twelve pounds in weight. His liver was affected, and his blood sugar was too high. He suffers from depression, and his girlfriend complains about his declining sexual performance. We all could expected that. We all know that fast food isn’t good for you. This documentary was really interesting and I think that a lot of people realize after seeing this documentary that it is really important to eat healthy.



You can see the whole documentary here: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/super-size-me/


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