The Twins Who Are Never Alone


Can you imagine sharing your body with someone else? Abby and Brittany were born with one body. They have two arms, two legs, two brains, two hearts and two pair of lungs. When they were sixteen, their parents decided to show the world what it’s really like to be joined for life. 

The girls live on a farm in Minnesota with their mum, dad, brother and sister. Each movement or action they make is a perfect teamwork. The girls are confident that they are totally different people. Abby is girlish, preppy, and she likes pink a lot. Brittany likes easy and will not catch the eye. They both love shopping but it’s hard to find the right clothes. Actually pants and shoes are never an issue. The tops are here the biggest problem.

When their mum was going to the hospital 16 years ago, she was expecting one child. The doctors have not found anything before on the echoes or scans. So, it was a big surprise. The twins had one in thirty million chance of living beyond the next 24 hours. Their survival depended on how their organs would configure in that tiny body. They are a miracle, because they have two separate hearts, one on each side of the chest, and two pairs of longs. They share two arms and two legs. Abby and Brittany control their own side of the body. In the documentary you see Professor Nick Fisk who can’t explain how this happened.


The twins can do everything just like a normal girl. From riding a bike, to riding horses, swimming and even driving a car. Here above you can see a picture of them when they were doing their driving test on their 16th birthday and they passed it! They both steer, Abby operates the pedals and Brittany is responsible for the blinkers and lights. The twins are going to a local school. Over the years the teachers and the pupils had to learn to treat them as separate students with different interest. They make their test at school also separate.

Some people ask their parents whether they made ​​the right decision 16 years ago to not separate them. Although they would have needed a lot of surgery, since then there are nowadays any more techniques with prosthesis for arms and legs. But Brittany and Abby think that they are better off now. They would not be able to do the things they can do now for example, running, sports, meeting new people, play softball and stuff like that. But sometimes it’s hard when they are around many strange people, and they grab a camera and just make pictures without asking or talking with them. Brittany and Abby really hate that, and it drives them crazy because they feel violated.

The girls found that the best thing about being joined twins is that there is always someone there to talk to and you are never alone. It’s a miracle. In conclusion I found this a really impressive documentary because the way that the girls stay positive and enjoy every day of their life.

Abigail & Brittany Hensel - The Twins Who Share a Body-1244579




You can see the whole documentary here:


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