Sweet Home Chicago.

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Chicago is the city of TV-icon Oprah Winfrey, criminal Al Capone and basketballer Micheal Jordan. The city has beautiful architecture from famous architects and of course the Skyscrapers!!


Last May I went to see my brother in Chicago where he was doing an internship, so that was a good reason for me to pack my stuff en go back to THE STATES!! Unfortunately it was not that sunny weather that I expected when I booked the trip. I had to pack jumpers and long trousers instead of shorts and tanktops.

I love to travel. Especially somewhere far away by plane, because then you get some food in the airplane! Maybe it sounds strange but the food in the airplane isn’t that bad! I mean see this picture, I had some pasta with chicken, bread, some salad, a lovely cream cheese as a dessert and as you can see a small bottle of wine. Furthermore I could watch 30 different movies if I want. It can’t be better than that right??

2014-04-25 14.55.28

However I was in Chicago for 10 days and we did a lot! It’s a big city so we didn’t see everything, but my brother had made a schedule so he was our tour guide. You can’t imagine how high those buildings are, seriously it was hard to get the whole building even on a photo! One of the tallest buildings in the world and the tallest building in America is the Willis Tower, it is impossible to miss when you appreciating the skyline. The Willis Tower is a 110-story building in the heart of downtown and contains approximately 4.56 million gross square feet and has a rentable area of 3.8 million square feet. It’s a big tourist attraction so it took a long time to get up there. Before we went up in the elevator we were controlled by security, they are very strict full! When I stood in the elevator I was so curious what the view was look like from above! And I can tell you it was amazing. I mean look at this pictures :O, can I say more??!

IMG_0195kopie IMG_0199

  IMG_0162kopie IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0205

The buildings can be discovered in many ways. One day it was very sunny so we decided to go on a canal boat on the river that sailed through the town between the skyscrapers. A volunteer lady told us interested things during the tour about the buildings, the many steel bridges, buildings where highways run through it and over towers of famous architects. The lady also told us that the skyline of chicago will change over the next few years. After we sailed through the town we went to see (actually it’s not a sea but a big big river) so we could see the lovely skyline!

IMG_0320 IMG_0421kopie IMG_0422 IMG_0388kopie IMG_0431kopie IMG_0471kopie

Magnificent Mile

After 3 days already passed the topshop, urban outfitters, victoria secret, Forever21 and Zara, it was finally time to go really IN the stores!! YEAHHH 🙂

The Magnificent Mile is the fames shop street of Chicago. You can find shops like Burberry, a big Nike store, for the lady’s Victoria Secret and Tommy Hilfiger, but also low-budget stores as Forever21, H&M and Pull&Bear. The Michigan Avenue is a 1.6 km long shopping street and at the end of the Magnificent Mile you see a eye-catcher building from the newspaper Chicago Tribune. On the other side of the street you can see the Wrigley and next it shows off the contemporary Trumptoren from 2009 and the monumental special round towers of Marina City from 1964.

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America is the city of the fastfood. But I have to tell you, when you see at every end of the street many signs that screams: EAT ME!! It’s hard to say NO to some pancakes of Wendy’s or a hamburger of Mcdonalds. In america is it not so expensive as in Holland to go out for dinner, so I can understand that if you had a hard day at work, you probably earlier go out for some dinner, with a colleague or other people, that is very normally in America.

When you are in Chicago you have to try the CHICAGO HOTDOG at Portillo’s. It’s a really funny restaurant with interior of the 90’s. Old jukeboxes en Marilyn Monroe couldn’t be missing of course. Okay I agree with you that it’s not look that very nice BUT REALLY when you put that thing in your mouth, it’s like an angel is peeing on your tong ( I don’t know if that is a worldwide or a typical holland pronunciation but it taste good haha).

During the 10 days we eat a loooooot of food as you can see!

IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0587kopie   2014-04-30 15.51.07   2014-04-30 15.51.47

Furthermore Chicago as a own pizza which is very fames in Chicago I don’t know if you better could called a cake or something. We ate at Giordano’s, that’s a italian restaurant. We went there to try the Chicago pizza pie. But when we were there, there was a line of people outside the restaurant! So that’s good sign right?! So after we stand in the line for like 15 minutes they said to us that the reception should call us when there was space for us. So we where like; so we have to wait again?? Yeah but we said okay fine, we didn’t were that hungry so we decided to walk a little bit through the town till the restaurant called my brother. The phone rang so we run into the restaurant and take a seat (no just kidding). We ordered the pizza pie, but unfortunately they told us that it will take one hour!! So we were like WHAT!! We wait for this fucking pizza and now we have to wait again one hour for that pie?? So we decided to order a normally pizza and some salad because we were so hungry!!

It supposed to be this pizza:


BUT instead of this it was the simply but also terrific pizza below!

2014-04-30 21.04.01

Purple pig

Purple pig is a really trendy and popular restaurant in Downtown Chicago. The slogan: Cheaper than it should be. Sounds interesting right? My brother went here before so he could give me some advice which pig I had to choose. We did a reservation, (I know that’s smart) so we only had to wait for like 10 minutes. it’s a cozy restaurant! When you asked somebody for a good and affordable restaurant in Chicago they definitely would say Purple pig!Purple Pig for Brady Eats


2014-04-29 21.41.02


2014-04-27 20.53.56 IMG_0703kopie

O-EM-GIE DID I REALLY EAT ALL THAT FOOD IN JUST ONE WEEK?? Yes I did :):) And I loved it haha.

The last day we went to a baseball game, the Cups against the Cardinals. I always wanted to go there and experience the atmosphere during a baseball game just like you see in the movies. It was so cool! We saw some great home run’s and there was one guy who caught the ball in the public. I was so jealous! Seriously it’s really like in the movies. During the game there is a guy with a box at the front who screamed the whole game long: HOTDOGS! WHO’S WANNA A BIG FAT HOTDOG?? Of course there is also walking a bear who was the mascotte of the Cups. It was a excited game because the Cups never win but when we were there THEY WON! So we were lucky because after the game the people were so happy at the streets and there were a lot of party’s in the cafés. It was a great experience! And of course I ate a hotdog during the game.

I felt really American!

2014-05-02 14.27.01kopie DSCN4575kopie IMG_0748 IMG_0756

Apart from the architecture, there are other many reasons why Chicago is a great destination. The inhabitants are friendly. You can you can be pampered and culinary enthusiasts endless shopping. There is also plenty to do in the field of music, especially blues and jazz. In the summer every Wednesday night they play Jazz in the Shedd Sea Aquarium. The evening concludes with fireworks from the Navy Pier. On the streets play various musicians and there are innumerable bars where you can hang out. Also the many parks are definitely beautiful to have walk. The vibrant Millennium Park for example. Here you will find beautiful works of art as ‘ the bean ‘ (bean) by the Brit Anish Kapoor.

IMG_0482kopie IMG_0489kopie IMG_0491kopie IMG_0495kopie

The shiny object is a magnet for camera-wielding people. The futuristic stage by Frank Gehry lends itself well to the many free open-air concerts and film screenings. Rain or shine; residents embed themselves with a tasty snack and a drink in the grass or on the stand. The park is adjacent to the Chicago Art Institute with its many masterpieces. The museum should certainly not be missed.

IMG_0499kopie 2014-05-01 11.01.05-1 DSCN4318kopie DSCN4349kopie DSCN4412kopie IMG_0547kopie IMG_0567kopie IMG_0571 IMG_0595kopie IMG_0604kopie IMG_0618

IMG_0479kopie  IMG_0510kopie    IMG_0648kopie IMG_0672kopie

DSCN4376     DSCN4489

In short, the city is alive. So forget New York (for once); in Chicago is the place to be!!

Do you ever been in Chicago??


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