It’s Weekend Eindhoven

Last saturday I was in Eindhoven for a special reason. Besides that the whole city was transformed into a fashion city, I also won some personal advice from the make-up artist Xcelly Cabou van Kasbergen! I had an appointment at half past 2 in the Make-up studio at the Heuvel Galerie, but when I arrived I didn’t expected that I have to go on a stage! However she gave me some good advice for my skin. As you know I have freckles but, she told me that I only have to use some concealer under my eyes, next to my nose and on my chin. She made my cheeks peachie and add some brown/peach lipgloss on my lips. She used less make-up instead of the other lady’s but,  she said that less is more when you’re are a natural beauty. So remember redheads let you’re freckles shine!!! 

10678621_853540301325751_3544119477076851060_nEindhoven was transformed into a fashion city. There were fashionshows, special prices in the stores and the blog spot etc. The blog spot was a cool concept! There were 5 famous bloggers who sold some clothes from they’re own closet for nice prices. I bought a cool black-brown stripped shirt from the blogger: Nathalie Kemna ( ). Actually I didn’t want to spend that much money, but of course I failed. I also bought a new jacket and a new jumper! :O

AND THERE WAS FREE ICE CREAM! What what? Yess lady’s you heard that! You could choose 3 flavours and eat ice cream as much as you liked and there was also a cool exhibition of photographers (see pictures).

However I had a awesome saturday!!



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