Let’s move to Tilburg!

PaulinaArcklinHome-1059 SUKHA-0635 SUKHA-0701 UNO-IMAGE-0134-copy UNO-IMAGE-0249-2-copy UNO-IMAGE-9942-copy WERANNAS-7384-copy

Yessss you see it right, I’m getting out of town!! I currently study in Tilburg, but I live with my parents and brother in Schijndel, that’s the most not-party town in the Netherlands, so you understand that I don’t want to spend my College time there. I’ve got a room in Tilburg of 18 m2 with my own deck! Sounds cool right?! So for now I spend my whole day on looking the most beautiful interiors on Pinterest. I’m in love with the rustic, industry and vintage interior! I want to use some pallets for my sofa, it’s next to affordable also looks very cool.

I will move in December so I will make some pictures of the final resultss!!

Here you can see more inspirations that I will use for my room 

PaulinaArcklin-vtwonen11 PaulinaArcklin-vtwonen13 PaulinaArcklin-vtwonen8 PaulinaArcklin-vtwonen4 e7e0b90c111354cd402cdb3cc2b82930 d7c7b52d91b2970ba7cab23f5abfb422  40614f708d2ad72a54080f9888a2c676 PaulinaArcklin-vtwonen13   fa7569712c9035fbb3b50608a027cf3d  e7e0b90c111354cd402cdb3cc2b82930 d7c7b52d91b2970ba7cab23f5abfb422   4062b6e946e5fa080e33049ceeb1886ea64567b4b45676daa339ee2121f55e53  1558c0ca4450efc2ab3775e671c03a07 990f77da6467adc65f6429c02289c584 706c1cc365a34128a1836ea4a17bc80b 47d63ab5bb3b6965e2cde10d8db1bf8e  7d8512e073a7b8b92d2927c05c11a536 02b7964171c2004e64005dee3db442dc





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