5 annoyances in public transportation!


Since I study in Tilburg I spend a lot of hours a week in the public transportation. From Schijndel to ‘s-Hertogenbosch by bus, then I go to Tilburg by train and at last I cycle (or I go to bus when I am lazy) for like 15 minutes to my school. So yeah, you probably can say that I am not unknown with annoyances in the public transportation. I put the 5 most annoyances in public transport for you together. And you will recognize some of them for sure!

For me definitely the number 1 annoyance: 1. People who take up two places. 

People who do not sit at the window so no one can sit, without asking, next to them. Or people who disregard their bag in the hope that no one gonna sit there. “Oh, yes, of course that bag deserve definitely more a chair than me, I will stay standing in this shaky bus, never mind!”Arghh can’t imagine how unsocial people can behave sometimes. Okay, if there is enough space then it is no problem, but please take your bag of the seats when it becomes busy.

2. People who are afraid that they don’t have a seat 

You will definitely recognize this, you want to get off the train BUT you got pushed back into the train through people who wants to go on the train because they’re afraid that the train leaves without them or that all seat are occupied or something. Why that much hurry? 9 times out of 10 there is enough place for everyone and if you have to stand, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world!!

3. To loud music

I like listen to music in the train or bus when it’s early in the morning or when I go back to home. But I am obviously not the only one, some travellers are probably a little bit deaf or something, they turn the volume so high as possible. So can enjoy the whole coupe their music.

4. Calling people

“Hi Rebecca, I’m in the train right now.” Followed with all their boys problems and relationships. Not everyone in the train has to know what kind of asshole your boyfriend is and that you are worried about being pregnant. Or people who are hold a whole meeting over the phone:” that appointment with Henk now is not a priority, so we lift that over the weekend okay?”

5. Silence coupé

Especially is you have to travel a long way, it is nice to sit in a silence coupe. You can study or get some sleep. But if there are some travellers who don’t understand what silence mean and just stay talking about their boys/girls experience or the first time that they were drunk, you can’t ignore the voices, so you irritate the hell out of them and just wait when you arrived at your destination without doing that thing that you’re planned.

Do you recognize these annoyances too? What is your biggest annoyance in public transport?


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