YAY! My first published project!!

patricia logo 5 klaarrr bijgesneden jpegkopie

YEEEEY! I create this corporate identity for a health and beauty coach who has started her own health-beauty salon in Best. She want to help people to live more healthy and make vegetarian more trendytopic. Next to that she makes people more beautiful in her salon to use a special method. I designed this logo, the business card, letterhead and envelope and the homepage. She also used the logo for her sign-board outside her salon.

See below for more pictures and the reason why I choose for this symbol..

I like the combination of beauty and healthy. The crown in the middle reference to beauty and the strawberry’s and blueberries on the edge reference to healthy. Salute & Bellezza is Italiaans voor healthy and beauty. I am really proud of the final result!

Do you like it?

2014-11-22 23.27.182014-11-22 23.28.08


Foto logobord poort

Schermafdruk 2014-11-25 09.05.38 Schermafdruk 2014-11-25 09.05.51 Schermafdruk 2014-11-25 09.06.01


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