20 struggles of a redhead

cintia dickerredhead

When it comes to hair color, redheads attract a very specific type of attention. People are not afraid to vocalize every thought and question they have on your red hair, simply because you’re probably the only non-brunette or non-blonde in the general vicinity.

There may have been a point in your younger years when you resented your red hair. But, through all the relentless teasing of you being a “ginger” and “not having a soul,” you held your head high and learned to own the fact that you pretty much won the genetic lottery. Statistically, redheads make up less than 2 percent of the population; so basically, you’re a majestic unicorn to be loved and revered.

Here are some of the top struggles I have found with being “blessed” with hair the color of Pippi Longstocking.

1. Being asked, “Is that your natural hair color?” Yes, it is. Do you think I would color my hair like this obnoxiously bright color?

2. You never get lost in a crowd. Your friends can always find you pretty easily because, well, there’s a bright red beacon on your head.

3. Your hair always being your calling card. You’re always described as, “Lieke, you know, the one with the red hair!”

4. Everyone touches your hair. Everyone. Do they expect it to be a different temperature or something?

5. If your friends want to dress up as the Spice Girls or the “Mean Girls” crew, you are automatically assigned to be Ginger Spice or Cady Heron, even if you’ve always seen yourself as more of a Regina :).

6. Your favorite Disney princess was and always will be Ariel

7. “South Park” ruined your life.

8. National “Kick a Ginger Day” was your worst nightmare. National “Hug a Ginger Day” hardly made up for it.

9. Having to buy SPF 50+.

10. If you get a sunburn, you’re just asking to be made fun of.

11. You’re always jealous of your blonde and brunette friends’ ability to get tan.

12. People are shocked to learn you have non-redhead family members. If you are the only ginger in your family, everyone thinks you were adopted.

13. People naturally assume you’re Irish or have some Irish in you.

14. You wish Miranda from “Sex and the City” was cooler, because she’s the only ginger on the show.

15. You have a love-hate relationship with meeting new people, because 95 percent of the time they open with, “OMG, I love your hair!” This is really nice, but you just dropped 50 euro on a new top and no one even notices it.

16. You’re always compared to Lindsay Lohan/Christina Hendricks/Emma Stone, even if you look NOTHING like them. Except for your hair.  

17. People are stunned if you’re a good looking redhead. Not every ginger is odd looking, as “South Park” portrayed.

18. Makeup doesn’t always understand you. You have to tread carefully, because too many bright shades makes you look like a drag queen or an 18th century prostitute.

19. Guys say to you, “I’ve never been with a redhead before….” Like that’s not creepy or harassing.

20. At the hairdresser she always tell me that many people pays a lot to get my hair color

Bron: http://www.polyvore.com/redhead_quote_for_kelsey/thing?id=9645547


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