The world first Pinterest campaign!!

kotex grote

Billing it as “the first Pinterest campaign in the world,” Kotex surprises women by finding out what inspires them and bringing it to their doorsteps.

Smoyz, an Israeli creative advertising agency, recently broke through the mold and introduced a creative way brands can use Pinterest. The feminine hygiene company harnessed the female-skewing site for an initiative called Women’s Inspiration Day and they found 50 “inspiring” women via Facebook accounts and searches through Pinterest. In a mildly creepy yet fun move, the campaign creators went through these women’s pin-up boards to find out what inspires them, and created customized gift boxes filled with goodies and new Kotex designs that related to their interests and delivered them straight to the women’s doors.

100% of the women posted something about their gift, not only on Pinterest, but also on all the other social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The initial campaign created a huge buzz on the social platforms.

Total Kotex kits sent, 50. Total interactions, 2,284. Total Impressions, 694,853. Talk about results!

What do you think of this Pinterest campaign?



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