Guerilla marketing in your face!!

Guerrilla marketing is an alternative way of marketing which is all about creativity and the power to surprise, resulting to leave a lasting impression on people behind. Goal is to find new communication channels to continue to attract the attention of the customer. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to generate a budget as much publicity and so come to the attention of as many potential customers and to leave a lasting impression. Creativity is of great important to establish an effective guerrilla marketing campaign and to implement.

guerrilla-marketing-1Dr. Kim’s office for cosmetic surgery. Clever use of Michelangelo’s “creation of Adam”

guerilla coca cola bus stop ad

Creative Coca-Cola Bus Stop Ad


Ad from the tropical forest foundation: Oro Verde


Having prejudices is one of the most serious side effects, HIV victims. Denmark. 

guerilla marketing unicef

Unicef  Guerilla Marketing Campaign

guerilla marketing

Discovery Channel Guerilla Marketing Campaign

guerilla gold GTI

Golf GTI

guerilla movie advertisemnt 2012

Movie: 2012 commercial ad

guerilla stop aidsguerilla tyskie beer

Tyskie Beer Ad


Swiss Skydive Guerilla Marketing Campaign


3m. Super strong bullet proof glass demonstrated in Canada. 


Bizarre but very cool concept for the TV series Dexter. While this may deter people to buy more meat. 


Take your seat belts on, also in the back!


Marketing of Fitness first, by setting on the bench your weight comes right on the screen. 


Creative Mac Donalds ad


The creative billboard campaign for “Koleston Naturals” uses its background natural view to illustrate the fact that this woman’s hair dye is made from natural ingredients.


Always the fastest: FEDEX

guerrilla-marketing-33 (1)

The advertisement for the Papa John’s pizza company Peru. Creates the illusion of a pizza delivery to your door. 


Funny ad of AXE


Ad of the Powerhouse gym


Flea medicine ad “get them of the dog”


Denver water. “Use only what you need”


Ad of Copenhagen Zoo


New Rexona woman Fragrance Collection ad

Rexona introduces its new fragrance inspired by delicate perfumes and with the support of outdoor advertising, invites woman attracted to the fragrance expelled by the poster to remove a sample and keep it. Each week, the slips of paper were replaced with new perfumed ones.

skin cancer

Sun towel against skin cancer 


Baggage carousel ad for a casino

Creative drinking straw Y-YOGA centre  




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