red hottttt

The British Fashion Photographer Thomas Knights made his first solo exhibition of RED HOT. Thomas was often teased as a child because he has red hair and realized together with The Anti- Bullying Alliance, an organization committed against bullying, this exhibition. Red Hot has become a global phenomenon. With exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. The ongoing project that aims to rebrand the ginger male stereotype has recently been turned into an art book called Red Hot 100.

Three years ago, the first idea for RED HOT occurs when Thomas realizes that there is much interest in female red-haired models, but hardly redheaded men. He feels that this should be different and so is the project RED HOT born. Thomas said that redheaded men in movies and series are often Ugly bullies or nerds, but never the red man coveted hunk. Moreover, with this exhibition Thomas will change that. Red Hot only shows hot men with red hair. The goal is to prejudices about men with red hair to take away and to show that red-haired men just as well have been craving! Thomas wants to change the image of attractive redhead men for once and forever. “I want to rebrand the ginger male stereotype ,” is his motto. Here you can see a trailer of the HOT RED exhibition:

You can say what you want, but these redheads are definitely HOT! Red hot men red hot men 6 hunk4 red hot men 5 red hot red hot 3

See more pictures at:



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