A really Dutch breakfast: Wentelteefjes!


I love Wentelteefjes (A little bit like French toast). I prefer them for breakfast (preferably on Sundays at 11 am in my Pajamas), but with a scoop of ice cream is also a very nice dessert. Meanwhile I made them so many times that I finally have the perfect recipe with a secret ingredient. Read more for the recipe and be warned: After these pictures you probably have a rumbling stomach!



Ingrediënten: (4-6 toast)
– 1 egg (M)
– 1.5 dl whole milk
– Casino bread without crusts
– 2.5 vanilla sugar (save the last bit for garnish)
– Pinch of cinnamon
– Pinch of baking powder
– 40g butter
– Optional: honey

The secret ingredient you might have noticed .. baking powder! By a pinch of baking powder to add to your toast even lighter and thus better. In addition, always use whole milk, this is much creamier and will also make the wentelteefjes better.

Hey, I did not say that this was a healthy recipe;-)

Take a deep dish and mix the egg with the milk. Add to that two sachets vanilla sugar, pinch of cinnamon and baking powder to it. Meanwhile, cut off the crusts from the bread casino. Heat a skillet and add butter in it. This ensures that you get a nice toast crispy layer.

Roll the slices of bread into the egg mixture, make sure that they absorb moisture well. You can leave them as they are so much extra egg mixture record, but equally pressing with a fork (the sponge effect) also works. Then put the toast in the pan and fry until golden brown.

Tips & Tricks: Serve French toast with some cinnamon and vanilla sugar and maybe some honey. Enjoy!wentelteefjes 2


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