Hotspot: Locals Tilburg




Oh no.. it’s monday again! Done with the weekend and focus on work, not easy for everyone.. But I can guarantee that this hotspot will help you out! It’s called Locals and is perfect for all of you who like to start their week with a good coffee!

It’s a small and cute coffee/lunch bar in the middle of Tilburg. You can go here for a slow cup of coffee or tea, homemade chocolate, green (or another color) smoothies and delicious invested granola- and spelled bread. Are you not familiar with slow tea? The tea pot is heated by a small flame through which the water slowly goes up and is mixed with the fresh tea. Thus you will experience once the tea in a different way! They also burn their coffee all by themselves. So just like their delights, a lot of products are handmade!

When I entered this place, my eye immediately fell on this cute corner at the window. They covered a bench with a lot of pillows which gives this place a very cosy ambience. Furthermore, there were a lot of other seats where you could sit. They decorated this place really nice and cosy, especially the walls that were covered by drawings and pictures. 

Incidentally delicacies created on the map of local, hence the name Locals. Products made with love – like that of course we like to see (and taste)! Sunshine? Locals also has a small terrace, where you can enjoy the sun. Good to know for the mothers among us: there is a small card for children, including the little ones feel at home Locals.

Heuvelstraat 128, Tilburg
Tel: 013 211 7261


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