4 x lunches to take away in your jar

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Are you tired of those cheese sandwiches and want to swap your old lunchbox for Instagram worthy lunchboxes? Then the Mason Jar the ideal kitchen tool for you. Pull into a burrito? Or rather an omelet with bacon? That could, just for you I have prepared four delicious lunch recipes in a mason jar. And hey, do not forget to make an Instagram photo;-).

mason jar

For all the recipes I used a Mason Jar; the jar that you see often on Tumblr and Pinterest. Inexpensive, easy to carry and easy to clean. The Mason Jar is available in different shapes and sizes, so for every stomach is there a perfect jar;-). I bought my Mason Jar at Blokker.

Smoothie banana, strawberries and kiwi fruit with granola and grapes on top in a jar.

2014-09-15 09.18.53





– 5 spoons of Greek Yoghurt

– 1 banana

– 5 strawberries

– 1 Kiwi fruit

– Homemade granola

– A pair of grapes

What should I do?

1. Cut the banana, strawberries and kiwi fruits in small parts

2. Put the fruit and the greek yoghurt in the blender and mix them all together

3. Pour the smoothie into the Mason Jar and add the homemade granola with the grapes on top.


Caesar Salad in a jar

ceasar salad in jar

ceasar salad jar

lunch in jar


– 100 grams of chicken breast
– 50 grams of lettuce
– 1 egg
– Half a red pepper
– Croutons
– Grated cheese
– Salad Dressing
– Olive Oil

What should I do?

1. Cut the chicken into pieces, then fry the chicken pieces in a pan until golden brown.
2. Bring water to a boil and boil the eggs for 8 minutes.
3. Cut the peppers in half cubes.
4. Start to build up the various layers; lettuce, chicken, grated cheese, pepper, egg, croutons and salad dressing (or tzatziki if you like that).

Bacon & Eggs in a jar

bacon and eggs

bacon and eggs2


bacon & eggs footoss


– 3 eggs
– 100 grams of bacon (diced or sliced)
– Grated cheese
– Olive Oil
– Italian herbs
– Salt and pepper

What should you do?
1. Fry the bacon on.
2. Put the three eggs in a bowl and beat until the mixture.
3. Add the grated cheese and season it to taste with salt and pepper.
4. Pour the mixture into the pan and cook the whole into an omelet.
5. Divide the omelette in the jar, top it off with the fried bacon, grated cheese and Italian herbs.


Burrito in a jar

burrito in a jar


burrito in a jarrrrri


– 100 grams of chicken breast
– 60 grams kidney beans
– 60 grams of corn
– 50 grams of lettuce
– 1 whole wheat wrap or half a cup of rice
– Half a red pepper
– Half avocado
– Olive Oil
– Grated cheese
– Salad Dressing

What should you do?
1. Cut the chicken into pieces, then fry the chicken pieces in a pan until golden brown.
2. Cut the half red pepper and avocado into cubes.
3. Tear off the wrap into pieces, these do you do between the different layers.
3. Starting with the construction of the various layers; wrap, kidney beans, corn, wrap, avocado, lettuce, chicken, peppers, grated cheese and salad dressing.

What do you prefer? Lunch take away or buy your lunch at school?


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