Give me a break!

After 5 weeks of feeling free and not thinking of exams and presentations, I was shocked when I opened this morning my agenda and realized that the next exams will be about 2 weeks again! Really; time flies when you are having fun. Here is a post to my fellow students to cheer up during the exams period.

Byeeee Homeland (Netflix; best invention ever) and hello study books!

Me while studying..

tumblr- during studying

Me after a day of learning..

tumblr- is this what I look like?

When my mum wish me you good luck the morning before the exam..

tumblr- goodluck

Me an hour before a exam..

tumblr- scared

When I have completed my last exam..

tumblr- finished my last exam

When I come home after 2 weeks living like a hermit..

tumblr the strange feeling after 2 weeks of exams

And when my parents ask: How did it go?

tumbrl- ask how did it go

When it takes a long time until the teachers have checked the exams..

tumbrl-eye roll

But then suddenly give the message that the grades are online..

tumbrl rapunzel

And when I discover I have passed all my exams..

tumblr- pass my exams

That gives you a awesome feeling like you can run the world!

Tumblr- pass the exams

Or when I didn’t pass the exam and I have to start all over again…

tumblr- start over again



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