Give me a break!

After 5 weeks of feeling free and not thinking of exams and presentations, I was shocked when I opened this morning my agenda and realized that the next exams will be about 2 weeks again! Really; time flies when you are having fun. Here is a post to my fellow students to cheer up during the exams period.

Byeeee Homeland (Netflix; best invention ever) and hello study books!

Me while studying..

tumblr- during studying

Me after a day of learning..

tumblr- is this what I look like?

When my mum wish me you good luck the morning before the exam..

tumblr- goodluck

Me an hour before a exam..

tumblr- scared

When I have completed my last exam..

tumblr- finished my last exam

When I come home after 2 weeks living like a hermit..

tumblr the strange feeling after 2 weeks of exams

And when my parents ask: How did it go?

tumbrl- ask how did it go

When it takes a long time until the teachers have checked the exams..

tumbrl-eye roll

But then suddenly give the message that the grades are online..

tumbrl rapunzel

And when I discover I have passed all my exams..

tumblr- pass my exams

That gives you a awesome feeling like you can run the world!

Tumblr- pass the exams

Or when I didn’t pass the exam and I have to start all over again…

tumblr- start over again



Taken Movie recensie



Toen mijn leraar vertelde in de klas dat we een recensie moesten schrijven over een film kwam deze film al heel gauw in me op.  Wat een fantastische film is dat! Meestal houd ik niet zo van die actie films, maar Taken is anders!!

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