It’s Kingsday time!

 kingsdayyyyyyHeld on 27 April 2015, King’s Day (previously known as Queen’s Day) is renowned for being one of the biggest and most colorful festivities in the Netherlands, and especially so in Amsterdam. This day festivities invite locals and visitors alike to soak up Amsterdam’s open-air fun. In the streets, canals, parks and everywhere in between, the city is bursting with orange as Amsterdammers enjoy the biggest street party of the year.

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It’s Weekend Eindhoven

Last saturday I was in Eindhoven for a special reason. Besides that the whole city was transformed into a fashion city, I also won some personal advice from the make-up artist Xcelly Cabou van Kasbergen! I had an appointment at half past 2 in the Make-up studio at the Heuvel Galerie, but when I arrived I didn’t expected that I have to go on a stage! However she gave me some good advice for my skin. As you know I have freckles but, she told me that I only have to use some concealer under my eyes, next to my nose and on my chin. She made my cheeks peachie and add some brown/peach lipgloss on my lips. She used less make-up instead of the other lady’s but,  she said that less is more when you’re are a natural beauty. So remember redheads let you’re freckles shine!!! 

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Modderstampen op smeerboel @Utrecht


Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik met mijn vriendinnen naar Smeerboel geweest, een festival in Utrecht. De muziekstyle is vooral techno maar ook hiphop en house. Zoals jullie weten was het zaterdag echt baddddd weer, 😦 waardoor het echte festival sfeertje een beetje in duigen viel. Maar al bij al was het super leuk!

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