red hottttt

The British Fashion Photographer Thomas Knights made his first solo exhibition of RED HOT. Thomas was often teased as a child because he has red hair and realized together with The Anti- Bullying Alliance, an organization committed against bullying, this exhibition. Red Hot has become a global phenomenon. With exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. The ongoing project that aims to rebrand the ginger male stereotype has recently been turned into an art book called Red Hot 100.

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20 struggles of a redhead

cintia dickerredhead

When it comes to hair color, redheads attract a very specific type of attention. People are not afraid to vocalize every thought and question they have on your red hair, simply because you’re probably the only non-brunette or non-blonde in the general vicinity.

There may have been a point in your younger years when you resented your red hair. But, through all the relentless teasing of you being a “ginger” and “not having a soul,” you held your head high and learned to own the fact that you pretty much won the genetic lottery. Statistically, redheads make up less than 2 percent of the population; so basically, you’re a majestic unicorn to be loved and revered.

Here are some of the top struggles I have found with being “blessed” with hair the color of Pippi Longstocking.

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