London Hotspots

London nothing hilsss


Love London! Last year I went to London with my friends and my education. Next to all of the usual touristy spots in the city, London has also some unknown places you MUST-GO when you’re in London! Read more..

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A really Dutch breakfast: Wentelteefjes!


I love Wentelteefjes (A little bit like French toast). I prefer them for breakfast (preferably on Sundays at 11 am in my Pajamas), but with a scoop of ice cream is also a very nice dessert. Meanwhile I made them so many times that I finally have the perfect recipe with a secret ingredient. Read more for the recipe and be warned: After these pictures you probably have a rumbling stomach!

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Amazing Highway 1


The Pacific Coast Highway is America’s dream drive, offering stunning coastal views along almost all of its twisting 1,000-mile route from California’s northern border with Oregon to its southern boundary with Mexico. Read more for the most breath taking cliff-hugging roadtrip!

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“Walk of Food”

walk of food logoFor the subject Gamification we created new applications for tables tops in a restaurant. Our concept “Walk of Food” is about a game where you have to win your own dish in a restaurant. It’s easy to see why many parents of young children avoid restaurants and prefer to eat at home, where thrown food will hit only members of the immediate family. But sometimes it’s necessary and even fun to eat out with young children! Parents not only want to go to MacDonalds if they go out for dinner with their children, they want to eat something culinary and talk to each other. Children want to eat something simple and play during the wait time so they will not gonna be bored. That’s the reason why we created the “Walk of Food”.

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red hottttt

The British Fashion Photographer Thomas Knights made his first solo exhibition of RED HOT. Thomas was often teased as a child because he has red hair and realized together with The Anti- Bullying Alliance, an organization committed against bullying, this exhibition. Red Hot has become a global phenomenon. With exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. The ongoing project that aims to rebrand the ginger male stereotype has recently been turned into an art book called Red Hot 100.

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Guerilla marketing in your face!!

Guerrilla marketing is an alternative way of marketing which is all about creativity and the power to surprise, resulting to leave a lasting impression on people behind. Goal is to find new communication channels to continue to attract the attention of the customer. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to generate a budget as much publicity and so come to the attention of as many potential customers and to leave a lasting impression. Creativity is of great important to establish an effective guerrilla marketing campaign and to implement.

guerrilla-marketing-1Dr. Kim’s office for cosmetic surgery. Clever use of Michelangelo’s “creation of Adam”

guerilla coca cola bus stop ad

Creative Coca-Cola Bus Stop Ad


Ad from the tropical forest foundation: Oro Verde


Having prejudices is one of the most serious side effects, HIV victims. Denmark. 

guerilla marketing unicef

Unicef  Guerilla Marketing Campaign

guerilla marketing

Discovery Channel Guerilla Marketing Campaign

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Best advertisements I’ve ever seen!


Coca cola- It’s beautiful

Olympics P&G- Thank you mom 

A hair-raising message

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Welcome to my vintage room!

collage room tilburg

Finally I got some pictures of my new room in Tilburg! As you can see I got a lot of vintage stuff like the old Royal Typewriter, Singer machine and some old camera’s. I like the contrast between something new and old. The door that you can see on the picture left is the door to my balcony,  can’t wait to sit there during summer!