Guerilla marketing in your face!!

Guerrilla marketing is an alternative way of marketing which is all about creativity and the power to surprise, resulting to leave a lasting impression on people behind. Goal is to find new communication channels to continue to attract the attention of the customer. The objective of guerrilla marketing is to generate a budget as much publicity and so come to the attention of as many potential customers and to leave a lasting impression. Creativity is of great important to establish an effective guerrilla marketing campaign and to implement.

guerrilla-marketing-1Dr. Kim’s office for cosmetic surgery. Clever use of Michelangelo’s “creation of Adam”

guerilla coca cola bus stop ad

Creative Coca-Cola Bus Stop Ad


Ad from the tropical forest foundation: Oro Verde


Having prejudices is one of the most serious side effects, HIV victims. Denmark. 

guerilla marketing unicef

Unicef  Guerilla Marketing Campaign

guerilla marketing

Discovery Channel Guerilla Marketing Campaign

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